Fairytale Detour

Another quick detour to Germany’s Fairytale Route. It is on our wish list for a while and I’ll add this post for the lucky ones that can make a fairytale detour this year when Hamelin is celebrating its 725 year anniversary.

There are quite a few anniversary specials, like The Magic Room:

In 2009 Hamelin will be inviting its visitors to “get the creeps” – just a little. During this anniversary year there will be magic hotel rooms where the bed shouldn’t rise up off the floor, but it is hoped the mystical decorations will induce a few goosebumps and a feeling of romance to get visitors in the mood for what they can expect outside their accommodation in Hamelin. Many of the anniversary events are on the theme of temptation, magic and secrecy, in which the romantic Old Town, with the Weser Renaissance buildings, deemed to be amongst the most beautiful in Germany, will play its part.

Here is a Hamelin itinerary, and I’d love to hear from those of you who made it to Ian Anderson & Jethro Tull’s jubilee concert in Hamelin!

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