Cool day in Monterey, WAVE!

After a hot Saturday we decided to cool down in Monterey. Well, I’ve just heard about Dennis the Menace Playground from baby Dani Shovevani, so we couldn’t wait to give it a try. The weather was way cooler on Sunday and Monterey was hidden in a thick patch of fog at times, but the playground and all Monterey day itinerary were cool too!

Another reason to go to Monterey before Labor Day was to rent a surrey. Somehow I remembered that you can rent it only until Labor Day, but today I found that there is a WAVE trolley during the summer that offers fun and free transportation until Labor Day… So we took the trolley, rented a 4-Wheel Family Bike Surrey from Adventures by the Sea and it seems that we can do the surrey all year round including Xmas, yay!

After the trolley and surrey ride, we went to a long time favorite that’s a sure hit with a climbing kid: Lovers Point Park. It was almost dinner time and we decided to not try LaTTiTudes again, our last dinner there, even if a long time ago, was not worth the beautiful view. We took a scenic drive to Fishwife, wishing it were a sunny day to enjoy the Asilomar State Beach. Marking it on the wish list for the butterfly season!

Fishwife was an absolute delight for all family, it warmed up a cool day with delicious flavor! From the friendly and welcoming service to the yummy menu, colorful and inviting for kids too, it won us for future visits in Monterey!

On the way back to highway 1 we saw 2 deers and that topped off a fun full day!

More from our Monterey wish list:


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