Reading about The Mysterious Roving Rocks of Racetrack Playa, searching for an old itinerary and dreaming of the next trip…

Routes from Las Vegas:

We took the most scenic route into the park and that wasn’t the best choice this time, we didn’t have time to stop in all places and we had to come back next day. The Badwater and Artists Palette area deserve an entire day and no extra driving.
We drove back to Vegas on the Ghost Town Route and after these experiments we’ve decided to do the Titus Canyon next time we drive in Death Valley:
Death Valley geology field trip: Titus Canyon
Places of interest in the Death Valley area: Titus Canyon
Trails: Titus Canyon

We hiked a good part of Mosaic Canyon and it was really fun, with lots of marble slides.

We did most of the Death Valley one-day highlights:
Artist’s Drive and Palette: that was a clear favorite since we took the time for a little hike and climbed up to the PurpleLand ūüôā
Badwater: salt “ice” fun
Devil’s Golf Course
Dante’s View was a new feast for us too!
Sand dunes: part of the reason we came back to the desert:-)
– and making stonemen in Death Valley was our own highlight:-)

But we didn’t have time for the North part at all, so here are the next trip’s temptations ūüôā
Ubehebe Crater and the Racetrack.
Darwin Falls

Death Valley Sites
Death Valley National Park from NPS
Wikipedia’s Places of interest in the Death Valley area
Death Valley, California TravelWise: lots of broken links though, and most of them pointing to NPS

Map of Death Valley from NPS
Death Valley National Park Geology Field Trip

Weather, Geography, Map, Road Reports from DesertUSA:

Where to Stay
There aren’t many choices in the park, here is the list from NPS.

We’ve tried Stovepipe Wells Village a long time ago without kids and it was OK (don’t remember much about it anyway, and lodging doesn’t quite matter as long as it’s inside the park).

But Furnace Creek Ranch was great with kids. There is a playground, quite a few places to eat and most importantly the Ranch spring-fed swimming pool is awesome!

Last but not least and until we’ll post our pics here are some Death Valley photos, photography workshops, photo tips…

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