We just returned from an extraordinary journey to Greece, filled with adventure and suspense…

First, we were close to canceling our plans due to all the news that were bombarding us.

Luckily, we heard from friends of friends that were in Greece at the time and enjoying just fine, no card problems nor any of the big things that you read everywhere. So we get some extra cash and continue with our Ancient Greece itinerary.

What do we find? Everything working as normal, or rather better than expected for the Southern region of any country or continent…

Our itinerary was a combination of the 6th grade Ancient Greece curriculum, as off-the-beaten-path as possible with young kids, with room for the free style slow family travel. So we spend the first night in Arachova rather than Delphi because of rumors of tourist traps. With a wrong address though it’s hard to find our secret place, unless you find helpful and welcoming people to help. And helpful and welcoming people we found everywhere we went, from Delphi, Olympia, Gialova, Nafplio… and finally Athens. We payed cash only few times in Peloponnese, and not because we didn’t have other options. The lost will come now when we transfer Euros back to USD…

We’ll slowly share our stories on, but for now if you want to travel to Greece enjoy!

No fear, the real Greece is still here

Going to Greece: a guide to the country, its islands and the best deals

Want to help Greece? Go there on holiday

Whatever the currency, Greece expected to be travel bargain


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