Paris in Stride: An Insider’s Walking Guide
by Jessie Kanelos Weiner

Charmingly illustrated throughout, this practical guide will transport readers to the delightful sites and discoveries of Paris. Vibrant watercolours illustrate destinations including architectural marvels, gardens, historical highlights, cultural hubs, markets, food and wine favourites, and lots of little je ne sais quoi s that make Paris so magical. Cultural musings, accessible histories, anecdotes, and informative details accompany the illustrations throughout, making this volume truly as practical as it is beautiful.
The book features seven specially curated daylong walking tours.

The perfect Parisian stroll: an illustrated walking guide to what’s new

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A Journey through History via Five Unesco World Heritage Sites

The Paris region, with its exceptionally rich history, is home to five Unesco World Heritage sites. These extraordinary landmarks, ranging from fabulous avant-garde monuments to river banks, royal pomp and merchant cities, lead visitors on a veritable journey through history. One unifying feature? They are all places that exerted enormous influence throughout the world in their time – and continue to shine today.

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