Greetings from California! Postcard

Surrounded by urban development, IT forms what biologists call an island ecosystem. HERE, wildlife is isolated from other habitats, feeding and migration corridors are compromised and exotic species can easily invade native habitat. Despite this isolation, IT hosts a surprising number of threatened and endangered species including Mission blue and San Bruno elfin butterflies and the California red-legged frog. Its proximity to urban development, its limited size and its rare wildlife make IT exceptionally sensitive to human disturbance. Therefore, visitors are required to stay on trails and pets must be leashed.

X: Pacifica War

OVERVIEW: Kyiv Exodus

Massive traffic jams formed in Kyiv, Ukraine this morning as people are attempting to flee the city following the Russian invasion of the country. Russia’s attack — the largest on a European nation since World War II — came by land, air and sea. Central European countries are already preparing for an influx of millions of refugees from Ukraine, which is home to upwards of 44 million people.



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