BOOK: In the Land of Twilight

In the Land of Twilight by Astrid Lindgren

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Around the World in Books: London

C I T I N E R A R I E S | LONDON | Books

This is London by M. Sasek
This is London is the second This is book and undoubtedly one of the best. Sasek concentrates on the things he likes best: people, costume, transport and local details that somehow come together to form a whole impression of the city that still seems quite accurate today.

Guy Fox London Children’s Map, Guy Fox History Project
Simplified but accurate central London map
Over 150 London landmarks and icons
Grid references and website links for major attractions
An unofficial illustrated guide to the Changing of the Guard
FREE Stickers (that’s our favourite part!)

Guy Fox ‘Create Your Own’ London Map, Guy Fox History Project
The ‘Create Your Own’ London Map isn’t any ordinary map – not by a long shot! This is the London map YOU make for yourself, using a simplified map of Central London and stickers of landmarks and icons.

City Walks with Kids
Don’t worry about finding a sitter—these adventures are designed especially for grown-ups and kids to discover London together! Walks include:
• The Tower of London
• The British Museum
• Buckingham Palace
• Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

London Unlocked by Emily Karr, Unlocked Guides
They’re brand new guidebooks for kids (not for adults with kids) and we got input from over 200 kids in creating them. The books have got awful jokes, lovely illustrations, fabulous facts and photos, and, crucially, gold star stickers in them!

London Adventure Walks for Families: Tales of a City

25 carefully devised, imaginative explorations of the city from its center to its suburbs, all accessible by public transport and specifically designed to appeal to the mindset of children.

London: A 3D Keepsake Cityscape by Sarah McMenemy
From a posh department store to a palace, from a bustling city square to a hushed cathedral, from Shakespeare’s historic Globe Theatre to the exciting London Eye, this delightful pull-out view of London’s most treasured attractions folds up, accordion-style, to tuck away in a stylish slipcase.

Pop-Up London by Jennie Maizels
Peer inside Buckingham Palace, spin the London Eye, whisper in Saint Paul’s Cathedral gallery, and raise the historic Tower Bridge. Lift the flaps, and you’ll find famous faces, spooky stories, and surprising secrets. Turn the book around to look inside buildings and find out even more. Be inspired by the magic of London in three dimensions.

Through Time: London by Richard Platt, Pan Macmillan
follows the story of the historic capital from its Celtic origins right up to the present – including the settlement of the Romans, the Anglo-Saxon era, the Viking invasion, and the growth of medieval London in Norman times. The book explores major events in London’s history, such as the plague, the Blitz and preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Story of London by Richard Brassey
Roman Londinium, Saxon Lundenwic, the medieval City of London, the great metropolis that has survived the Plague, the Fire and the Blitz – it’s all here, along with the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Madam Tussaud’s, the London Eye and all the famous landmarks.

A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino

A child’s-eye view of London’s top attractions blends lively artwork with fascinating facts, and features a sweeping gatefold of the city skyline.

Dodsworth in London by Tim Egan
Dodsworth and his duck have just arrived in London via hot air balloon.
There is so much to see!
Double-decker buses!

Charlotte in London
It’s 1895. Charlotte and her family came to France three years ago so that her father could learn to paint in the French style of Impressionism. Now they are traveling to London to see if the famous artist John Singer Sargent will paint Charlotte’s mother’s portrait.

Katie in London by James Mayhew

The Jubilee edition of Katie In London!

Katie and the British Artists by James Mayhew

Visit the National Gallery with Katie!

Katie and the Dinosaurs by James Mayhew

Visit the Natural History Museum with Katie!

Madeline in London by Ludwig Bemelmans
Miss Clavel, Madeline and her 11 classmates travel to London to cheer up their former neighbor, Pepito, who had to move away from Paris. With the help of an adopted horse, the group embarks on a mad, rhyming tale of adventure through the city’s busy streets.

A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond
In 1958, the story of a little bear found in London’s Paddington Station wearing the sign “Please look after this bear” was first published and has been beloved by children around the world ever since.

Peter Pan (100th Anniversary Edition) by J. M. Barrie

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by J. M. Barrie

The adventures of the infant Peter Pan in London’s Kensington Gardens–one of Barrie’s most enchanting works.

The New Cut Gang by Philip Pullman

Set in late Victorian London, these two action-packed thrillers have now been put together in a single volume

Around the World in Books: Katie in Scotland

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