ART ITINERARIES: California Blooming

Nat Talk Climate Series: A 27-Year Wildflower Journey

Wednesday, March 3, 6 PM

What does the future look like for San Diego’s favorite superblooms and our wildflower season? Join internationally acclaimed conservation photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter through their 27-year journey photographing wildflowers and superblooms throughout California and the West. Hosted by The Nat and Climate Science Alliance, this talk is part of a series discussing climate change in our region. So come for the pretty pictures, stay for the science.

Wildflowers and climate change in the Golden State

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EXHIBITION: Through His Eyes

Through His Eyes: Youth Activism in The Civil Rights Era in Philadelphia is an online exhibition that pulls from the Jack T. Franklin photographic collection at AAMP to explore Philadelphia’s often overlooked civil rights activists – Black youth. As today’s youth struggle through mass school closures, police brutality, and racial discrimination, these images taken by Franklin are a poignant reminder that anyone at any age can make a change. Guest curated by AAMP’s summer 2019 graduate intern, Rachel Nelson.