REMEMBER: In America

A Public Art Installation Honoring Loved Ones Lost to COVID-19

This art exhibition blankets the National Mall with over 660,000 white flags, showing the magnitude of our loss as a nation, while honoring each person who has died from COVID-19.

660,000 white flags and climbing: This artist shows what America’s COVID-19 death toll looks like

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JAPAN: Onsen

Japan’s ‘onsen’: A hot bath every day keeps doctors away

Research shows that Japanese people live longer, are healthier and have a better quality of life because of one simple habit: nearly 80% of all Japanese take a long, hot soak in a bath.

Y: Travel at a Distance

While this post is not exactly about travel, it has all the reasons to STAY-IN-PLACE and WASH HANDS so we can be safe and healthy now and travel again as soon as possible…

Hence, the two simple ways to control the number of new cases by REDUCING:

  • the people exposure E (physical/social distancing)
  • probability of infection p (washing hands)


And while we are all in here together, a few thoughts for a new life…
Coronavirus pandemic shows we need new ways to look after the Earth and each other

The coronavirus pandemic shows us that we can change our ways, and quickly. Millions are learning new ways to work remotely, collaborate across sectors, or provide healthcare in ways previously touted as impossible. The coronavirus is the best case for universal healthcare worldwide and climate justice solutions that promote community cohesion.


As of 1970, keeping track of all the environment controlling, all the logistics of thinking about total planet–for Spaceship Earth, in 1970, we passed a threshold where it could be demonstrated, engineering-wise, that if we took all the metals going into armaments and put them into what you call livingry, instead of killingry, that within a design revolution of only ten years we could have all humanity living at a higher standard of living than anybody had ever known, on a completely sustainable basis, while phasing out forever all further use of fossil fuels and atomic energy. We could live entirely on our energy income. Now this is absolutely clear in 1970, we passed that threshold. For the first time in history, I knew it Obsolete did not have to be you or me! That war was obsolete!

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