MEXICO: The Mayan Highway

Maya Roads

  • A Sacbé is the flat white road, built by the Mayans to connect their most important cities. 
  • Sacbé, plural sacbeot, literally means white road in Mayan (sac – white and be – road).
  • Sacbé 1 is the longest known sacbé stretching 100km (62 miles) between Cobá and Yaxuna.

Modern technology reveals old secrets about the great, white Maya road

Sacbe, the Ancient Maya Road System

The Roads of the Maya – The Archeotourist

What is a Sacbe? The white path osf the Mayans

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OVERVIEW: Kyiv Exodus

Massive traffic jams formed in Kyiv, Ukraine this morning as people are attempting to flee the city following the Russian invasion of the country. Russia’s attack — the largest on a European nation since World War II — came by land, air and sea. Central European countries are already preparing for an influx of millions of refugees from Ukraine, which is home to upwards of 44 million people.


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