SAN FRANCISCO: Highest Point

X.ITINERARIES: SF’s Highest Point

Greetings from San Francisco! Postcard

“I think it’s a reasonably attractive affair. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. A lot of people are not happy with it. A lot of people are not happy with anything. I think it’s quite attractive. It’s quite a monument.”

X.ITINERARIES: SF’s Highest Point Ceramic Ornament

LETTERS: Dear Paris

DEAR PARIS: The Paris Letters Collection
by Janice MacLeod

Be transported to the banks of the Seine, a corner boulangerie, or beneath the Eiffel Tower with these beautifully illustrated vignettes of life in the City of Light. What began as a way to fund travel became ten years of a letter subscription service delivering thousands of painted letters to subscribers who delight in fun mail!