BARCELONA underground … FIGUERES highlights

C I T I N E R A R I E S | BARCELONA underground – FIGUERES highlights

Back to Passeig de Gràcia railway station, right in time for an express train to Dali‘s Figueres. We even had time for a short visit to Casa Amatller‘s kitchen and a snack. Only that the underground cafe clock had the wrong time, so we didn’t understand why our express train was just leaving the station… another missed train, ouch!

After almost a underground hour wait we are on our train trip to Figueres and everything went fine from here. Well, almost, the train back just had an hour delay, so another wait for a train turned into relaxing time.

Train details apart, we were only sorry we had such little time in Figueres, since it’s a very nice and walkable town. We walked straight to Dali’s Theatre-Museum and that was a nice and playful stroll, had a yummy snack at a pastry shop, discovered the Toy Museum of Catalonia but didn’t have the time to visit so adding it to the wish list, and closed the Dali itinerary of this trip at the largest surrealistic object in the world.

More online itineraries for exploring Figueres, extending the visit at the Virtual Museum and enhancing the persistence of memory.

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B A R C E L O N A MX: mmm… xocolata!

C I T I N E R A R I E S | Barcelona MX: mmm… xocolata!

We’ve planned this day for a trip to Figueres, waked up early in the morning and were at Passeig de Gràcia railway station late enough to miss the express train, so decided to sweeten our day at the Gran Via Escribà that had a special place in my culinary memory…

FELICIDADES PAPA…and a sweet reminder for Father’s Day too!

mxContinued our culinary itinerary to The Boqueria for a fresh juice, through Barri Gòtic to the Chocolate Museum.
Doh! The museum is closed on Tuesdays, we should have stayed with the original plan that had the Chocolate Day for Wednesday… So we took a peek at the Pastry School, sweet, keep the museum on the wish list and learn more about what we’ve missed in the Virtual Museum.

From here we entered the huge greenery of Parc de la Ciutadella.
We’ve passed by Castell dels Tres Dragons designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner for the Universal Exhibition of 1888, now the Museum of Zoology.
We’ve continued our Parc de la Ciutadella walk past the Arc de Triomf gate, stopped at a little playground, the Cascada Fountain, and the Stone Mammoth… It was a nice stroll in a beautiful park, and for the next visit we’ll set aside more time for a statue scavenger hunt. Now we were looking for a gate to the beach and we found the entrance to the Zoo!

Barcelona Zoo was a very nice surprise. We didn’t plan for it, but the home of Snowflake is such a lovely zoo with a dolphinarium, Montserrat Mountain, aviary kitchen … and a wonderful wooden playground too!

Tabblo: 2009.07.Barcelona.Zoo

There is a Picasso itinerary we had in mind but didn’t make it, adding it to the wish list: the Picasso Museum and Homenatge a Picasso by Antoni Tàpies. Checking the virtual tour of the houses Picasso lived and worked in Barcelona.

For something new we wanted to end the day in Poble Nou, at the beach and restaurant, preferably a combination of both. We didn’t find a restaurant to like on the beach, but we’ve enjoyed them both separately. Next time we’ll probably try the tourist bus green route, Barceloneta with kids and Port Vell too. But this time the kids were particularly happy eating at L’Aliança del Poble Nou: caracoles, chipirones, mejillones… a yummy happy ending of another full day!

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E I X A M P L E: A Modernista Fairyland

C I T I N E R A R I E S | EIXAMPLE: A Modernista Fairyland

Our main itinerary in Eixample started by chance near FARMÀCIA NORDBECK and Fundació Vila Casas. An enchanted walk brought us to Passeig de Gràcia, where even a CocaCola window and McDonald’s look … different!

Our first destination is La Pedrera.
We’ve already admired it from outside many times these past days, but we forgot about these kid friendly rooms inside! So friendly that our toddler wants to play with the hundred years old toys and sit in the high chair 🙂

After a rooftop visit we step down for a colorful sweet brunch at Mauri.

Next destination is Casa Batlló.
No more furnished rooms this time, but the modernista courtyard adds another highlight to our visit, and the audio tour is great for kids too!
GAUDI DESIGNER has beautiful renditions of the interior design elements.

Following Gaudi’s ABCs we are up to the attic, rooftop and chimneys! These were closed in our previous visit a long time ago, so we all enjoy the vistas.

Tabblo: Gaudi_ABC

Virtual tours of Casa Batlló and La Pedrera, and our snapshot itinerary:

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T I B I D A B O: On top of the world

C I T I N E R A R I E S | TIBIDABO: On top of the world

Next on our P L A Y list was Tibidabo Park, and we picked it with this modernista route in mind, thus the tram blau itinerary:
metro L7 from Plaça Catalunya
tram blau
Tibidabo funicular

Piece of cake, if it weren’t for the L7 metro station. First we mistakenly went to Passeig de Gràcia metro station only to realize that Gràcia station is a totally different place. Back to Plaça Catalunya, where we searched for a while for the L7 station since there is no underground connection to it. Look for it at the corner of Rambla with Carrer de Pelai.

After this underground detour everything was only fun with the greatest views, Tibidado is a kids favorite!

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Tibidabo

Barcelona upside down

C I T I N E R A R I E S | Barcelona upside down

Next day’s destination was Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Montjuïc. But we found a very convoluted itinerary to reach it. The Pavilion is right near the Magic Fountain, so we started with the end: the night light show.

Here we have an itinerary ending at Font Magic, with La Boqueria appetit, Las Ramblas entertainment, and a delicious inspiration, a castle playground too:

We started our morning walk on Las Ramblas, with a delicious breakfast at La Montserratina Patisseria. The street shows always add color to an itinerary!

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Las_Ramblas

A refreshing stop and more color in La Boqueria, yum ananas-pitahaya juice!

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.La_Boqueria

Adventure trip to Castell: we took a bus to Paral·lel metro station, the funicular after that, and we topped it with a telefèric ride for best views.

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Castell_Montjuïc

Montjuïc trek to Fundació Joan Miró: kids are tired, museum crowded, we are all hungry, so we continue to the magic fountains looking for a place to eat too. We enter The Gardens of the Font del Gat, an invigorating surprise! We even find a cats restaurant, but it’s closed for a private party, arrrgh!

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Montjuïc.Castell_to_Font_del_Gat

A somewhat unplanned stop at the Archaeological Museum, but this is such a lovely and kid-friendly museum that we cannot resist! It has a wealth of books for kids that I’m trying to find now in English.

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Archaeological_Museum

We finally find a cafe between MNAC and Font Magic, yum! And a missed spot, Caixa Forum / Casa Ramona by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, adding it to the wish list for next trip.

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Montjuïc.Font_Magic

We reach the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion and Font Magic, lights!

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Montjuïc.Magic_Fountain.lights

Montjuïc is definitely a huge park, a green city inside a city, and our itinerary can be easily split in several days. I definitely want to go back for Poble Espanol, we visited it in our previous trip and my memories make it a nice destination for kids. More beautiful Montjuïc itineraries, to be checked the next trip!

Modernista Playground

C I T I N E R A R I E S | Park Güell: A Modernista Playground

First day in the Modernista City we went to check the Barcelona Bus Turístic in Plaça de Catalunya. We found a long line and decided to try the TMB.

Our main destination for the day was the Modernista Playground, Park Güell.
We found a bus route at the Tourist Information in Plaça de Catalunya, but no bus maps. I don’t remember which metro stations they mentioned have these maps, but we’ve managed pretty well with the maps at the bus stations.

On another practical note, we’ve got T-dia or T-10 travelcards, only to realize that the family card would have been better for us. Memento for next time.

Park Güell was a perfect day destination, a modernista playground with an evening music and dance impromptu, and the Casa-Museu a nice overview to Gaudi’s work.

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Park_Guell

Girls, culleretes!

We arrived in Barcelona late afternoon and, after checking in at our apartment in-between-2-worlds, we went straight to Las Ramblas. We already knew where we want to have dinner, and we knew it for quite a while, since our last trip to Barcelona!

I still remembered the tasty dishes in a local atmosphere where I could barely hear anything else than Spanish or Catalan. That was a long time ago, and the menu still makes your mouth water, but the mother tongue is more like Esperanto, we are definitely not the only travelers that love Can Culleretes
Canon_EOS 993Canon_EOS 992Canon_EOS 994
We had the butifarra with beans, duck with apples and a salmon mousse for which I’d go back to Barcelona right this moment.

Have I mentioned the great warm service that is so welcoming to children too? Not a wonder they’ve been around for 225 years!

To Life!

Last day in Israel, we said goodbye to hospitable Caesarea, stopped at Ralli Museum for a short introduction to Dali‘s works, and found an eclectic exhibit to accompany Ceasarea‘s own archaeological artifacts too.

Went up to Haifa, checked out the shouk where we had some yummy burekas, didn’t have time for the Body Worlds at MadaTech, rushed on the new Kvish Shesh to the airport to beat the Tel Aviv traffic. We’ve made it in time to the airport, had some time for buy & bye and play too before the flight #3 to OTP.

There were so many places in Israel that we wanted to go with the kids …
we have a long wish list for the next trip, so T O L I F E for that!

Tel Aviv: White Itineraries

Tel Aviv was proclaimed “The White City”, a World Cultural Heritage site, by UNESCO in July 2003. As a true party city, it celebrates its heritage in an annual White Night and this year seems it was special in homage to the City’s 100th birthday. Too bad we’ve missed it, so let’s see how we can make it up online…

We’re planning a compact white tour of Bialik St. where there is quite a Bauhaus treasure with Avezerman House at #5, Goldin House at #6, Rubin Museum at #14, and the Bauhaus Museum at #21. MuseumLab has a post on Tel Aviv’s new Bauhaus Museum, and the City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa maintains the White-City site with info and photos of the aforementioned buildings too. And Tchochkes has a very nice and picturesque tour of Bauhaus Museum too!

Tel-Aviv Yafo Centennial site has a nice white route that begins at the point where historic Yafo meets Neve Zedek and Ahuzat Bayit, passing through the heart of the White City, here’s a map with 26 stations.

Bauhaus Center on 99 Dizengoff St. also organizes Bauhaus tours for 15$. And TimeOut Israel dedicates a A House for Bauhaus in its June edition.

Yigal Gawze’s photographic exhibition Fragments of a Style: A Celebration of Bauhaus in Tel Aviv had left San Francisco and Israelity follows its itinerary in Bauhaus Travels.

More Bauhaus pics at telaviv4fun