A Sunny Day in London, Belgo!

First day in London, a sunny bank holiday Sunday, lucky us!
It was the perfect day after the long flight, and we took full advantage of it. Well, kind of half of it, it was hard to get up early in the morning after a flying day…

And here’s our itinerary:

As expected, first trip day&city, no jetlag for us 🙂

Sunday Itinerary

This is London … full of interest.
On Sunday morning you can go to Petticoat Lane open-air market.

When in Rome do as the Romans do, and in London don’t miss the afternoon tea, especially on a nice Sunday afternoon, our first day in London! So I’m thinking the Orangery should be the perfect place with kids, just near the Princess Diana Memorial Park and the statue of Peter Pan.

Speaking of Peter Pan, a new production of Peter Pan comes to London, right in time for our trip, yay 🙂

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