PHOTO ITINERARIES: Bauhaus Architecture


Focusing on buildings designed by Bauhaus members from 1919 to 1933, this book features some 65 famous and lesser-known building projects in Germany, Vienna, Barcelona, Prague, and Budapest by architects including Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Bauhaus in pictures: The architects exiled by Nazis

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TEL AVIV: Living Architecture

Tel Aviv’s most legendary boulevard: Tel Aviv’s first boulevard and one of its oldest streets, is know for being lined with historic Bauhaus buildings, designed by Jewish architects who came from Germany in the early 1930s. Independence Hall, also on Rothschild, is the historic building where Ben Gurion declared the founding of the State of Israel, on May 14, 1948. Today Rothschild carries its history lightly, having become a stylish hangout for Tel Aviv’s young crowd, as well as a place where the wel-heeled can live in sophisticated restored Bauhaus homes.

Bauhaus 2009

While in the White City, one can only dream of traveling to the origins of Bauhaus right this year, when it is celebrating its 90 years anniversary!

The modern traveler can check in now at Bauhaus B&B in Dessau, and has a beautiful modern itinerary in Dessau!

Here’s an interesting project for 2010, the International Summer School – Young people build the future, hmmm … adding Dessau to our wish list!

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Tel Aviv: White Itineraries

Tel Aviv was proclaimed “The White City”, a World Cultural Heritage site, by UNESCO in July 2003. As a true party city, it celebrates its heritage in an annual White Night and this year seems it was special in homage to the City’s 100th birthday. Too bad we’ve missed it, so let’s see how we can make it up online…

We’re planning a compact white tour of Bialik St. where there is quite a Bauhaus treasure with Avezerman House at #5, Goldin House at #6, Rubin Museum at #14, and the Bauhaus Museum at #21. MuseumLab has a post on Tel Aviv’s new Bauhaus Museum, and the City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa maintains the White-City site with info and photos of the aforementioned buildings too. And Tchochkes has a very nice and picturesque tour of Bauhaus Museum too!

Tel-Aviv Yafo Centennial site has a nice white route that begins at the point where historic Yafo meets Neve Zedek and Ahuzat Bayit, passing through the heart of the White City, here’s a map with 26 stations.

Bauhaus Center on 99 Dizengoff St. also organizes Bauhaus tours for 15$. And TimeOut Israel dedicates a A House for Bauhaus in its June edition.

Yigal Gawze’s photographic exhibition Fragments of a Style: A Celebration of Bauhaus in Tel Aviv had left San Francisco and Israelity follows its itinerary in Bauhaus Travels.

More Bauhaus pics at telaviv4fun

Tel Aviv – Neve Tzedek to the beach… you know, for the kids

We didn’t plan too many itineraries in Israel, being ba aretz was the main thing.
We had a lot of fun this way, but we’ve also missed by one day the WHITE NIGHT party in Tel Aviv, now it’s on our calendar and wish list for next year!

We decided to return to the White City to look for a gift, play some more, and take a Bauhaus tour. We’ve started in Neve Tzedek for the shopping itinerary.

It took us a while to find a parking place in Neve Tzedek, but here we are, on the charming Shabazi Street. We find our perfect gifts at SIGAL Fashion Jewelry. Now we need something for the baby too, and we find plenty of choices, from baby fashion at Babette to old-fashioned toys at Alice, but we cannot resist a colorful Simple Story in Hebrew!

At the end of Shabazi Street, at #9, just next to Suzanne Dellal Center, we stop for lunch at Suzanna Café. With an outdoor shaded patio it seems the best choice. And a most delicious one too! Out of ordinary mid east dishes with eggplant, goat cheese and pear, lamb, enjoyable atmosphere for all family!

Another stroll through the rustic maze of narrow streets around Suzanne Dellal with a play stop at a small neighbourhood playground brought us to the beach. That was a main destination for us, because I remember a very nice playground in Charles Clore Park. Well, it’s still there, but in a not so good shape and under repairs… So we’re heading to the nearby small red playground to find another playworkout. That was nice too, but we hope that next time we’ll play at the newly refurbished playground… you know, for the kids 🙂

Tabblo: 2009.06.Israel.Tel_Aviv.Neve_Tzedek

By now it’s late afternoon, so we go back “inland” for a quick white tour