After missing the Mayan equinox and considering another ski trip for this rainy spring we decided in the spur of the moment to look for spring in the south. So here’s another short itinerary for almost a week in South California (map):

Hmmm… Mother’s Beach Art… to be continued 🙂

Tabblo: 2010.04.VeniceBeach.Boardwalk

Tabblo: 2010.04.VeniceBeach.Houses

Tabblo: 2010.04.Venice_Beach.Canals

Tabblo: 2010.04.Venice.Beach

Family-Approved Vacation Properties

Now that we’ve already booked all the apartments for our trip I find this Family-Approved Property Reviews… Oh well, there’s always a next trip 🙂

For now, I’ll add their family-friendly accommodations in England to the list, so it will hopefully be easier to plan our next trip to London.

This is London!

This is LondonWe have our flight tickets, and we are finishing the travelling research, baby-kinder reading and whatnot, so here we’ll add a summary of this itinerary.

First stop: London!

Unfortunately only for 3 days, but 3 FULL days, so let’s see how many things we can do with 2 kids in 3 days.

Last time, about 10 years ago before children in the web 0.1 times, we’ve stayed in a very nice apartment in Westminster, near Pimlico. I’ve looked for something similar this time too, but couldn’t find anything reasonable in that area anymore. Well, maybe I didn’t search enough, here is a list of family friendly places to stay in London, we’ll update it with the Chelsea apartment we found for this trip.