Tel Aviv – Neve Tzedek to the beach… you know, for the kids

We didn’t plan too many itineraries in Israel, being ba aretz was the main thing.
We had a lot of fun this way, but we’ve also missed by one day the WHITE NIGHT party in Tel Aviv, now it’s on our calendar and wish list for next year!

We decided to return to the White City to look for a gift, play some more, and take a Bauhaus tour. We’ve started in Neve Tzedek for the shopping itinerary.

It took us a while to find a parking place in Neve Tzedek, but here we are, on the charming Shabazi Street. We find our perfect gifts at SIGAL Fashion Jewelry. Now we need something for the baby too, and we find plenty of choices, from baby fashion at Babette to old-fashioned toys at Alice, but we cannot resist a colorful Simple Story in Hebrew!

At the end of Shabazi Street, at #9, just next to Suzanne Dellal Center, we stop for lunch at Suzanna Café. With an outdoor shaded patio it seems the best choice. And a most delicious one too! Out of ordinary mid east dishes with eggplant, goat cheese and pear, lamb, enjoyable atmosphere for all family!

Another stroll through the rustic maze of narrow streets around Suzanne Dellal with a play stop at a small neighbourhood playground brought us to the beach. That was a main destination for us, because I remember a very nice playground in Charles Clore Park. Well, it’s still there, but in a not so good shape and under repairs… So we’re heading to the nearby small red playground to find another playworkout. That was nice too, but we hope that next time we’ll play at the newly refurbished playground… you know, for the kids 🙂

Tabblo: 2009.06.Israel.Tel_Aviv.Neve_Tzedek

By now it’s late afternoon, so we go back “inland” for a quick white tour

Still in London? Follow the Museum Trail!

Still in London?

Rather late, but here is a Museum Trail from Coutts London Jewellery Week:

London’s famous museums are home to some of the finest jewellery collections in the world. Our Museum Trail will take you on a voyage of discovery across the capital to unearth these hidden gems

Jewellery Museum: It’s My Day!

It’s Monday, not a sun day anymore.
But that’s fine in London where there are so many museums for kids!
Ah, and to make it sweet for families, most of London museums are still free.

It’s pretty early for us before 8AM, and it’s not raining yet. Our place in Chelsea makes it perfect to explore both ways, so we decide to take a morning stroll to Buckingham Palace before the rain starts. It was a nice and peaceful walk, it feels like there’s nobody in London, the bank holiday weekend seems the perfect time to visit London! But there was no guard changing ceremony that day, and that’s just another reason to come back to London!
Still no rain, so we continued our walk to Big Ben since it is a synonym for all towers in the world for our little one. Like many things in England, Big Ben is old, and its clock dial needs a good clean in time for its 150th anniversary party, here’s a virtual tour and a fun fact game: Race Against Chime.

Still no sun, so we decide to …mind the gap… to the “Jewellery Museum“. For our 5-going-on-6-year-young-girl this was a MUST destination, or in her own words: “It’s My Day!
purple_rain_ringWe definitely all enjoyed Victoria and Albert Museum and we’ll visit again every time we’ll have a chance! Especially since we could not get out of the Jewellery Gallery and there are so many nice collections in this museum! I’m not sure I understand all this excessive interest in jewels at this young age, maybe we have a budding jewellery designer because we couldn’t leave the design-a-ring screen for quite a while. Tried it yesterday online again, sent rings to all friends, and learned to read, type and spell some names and words in this design process. Here are more links for kids interested in jewellery design.
To make it perfect for families with kids, V&A has a lovely garden where you can have a picnic and a splash.

It’s hard not to spend a full day at V&A, but we wanted to get an idea at the Wallace and Gromit exhibition too. That was a fun cracking idea, and here are more online cracking challenges.

Finally tired after a full play day we went back to Chelsea to have a family dinner at La Famiglia. Hearty italian food, best panna cotta , kids loved fiori di zucca, but not the pasta, so yes, we might try it again if we’re in the neighborhood.

One last night bus trip to Trafalgar Square, good night London!