Barcelona upside down

C I T I N E R A R I E S | Barcelona upside down

Next day’s destination was Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Montjuïc. But we found a very convoluted itinerary to reach it. The Pavilion is right near the Magic Fountain, so we started with the end: the night light show.

Here we have an itinerary ending at Font Magic, with La Boqueria appetit, Las Ramblas entertainment, and a delicious inspiration, a castle playground too:

We started our morning walk on Las Ramblas, with a delicious breakfast at La Montserratina Patisseria. The street shows always add color to an itinerary!

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Las_Ramblas

A refreshing stop and more color in La Boqueria, yum ananas-pitahaya juice!

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.La_Boqueria

Adventure trip to Castell: we took a bus to Paral·lel metro station, the funicular after that, and we topped it with a telefèric ride for best views.

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Castell_Montjuïc

Montjuïc trek to Fundació Joan Miró: kids are tired, museum crowded, we are all hungry, so we continue to the magic fountains looking for a place to eat too. We enter The Gardens of the Font del Gat, an invigorating surprise! We even find a cats restaurant, but it’s closed for a private party, arrrgh!

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Montjuïc.Castell_to_Font_del_Gat

A somewhat unplanned stop at the Archaeological Museum, but this is such a lovely and kid-friendly museum that we cannot resist! It has a wealth of books for kids that I’m trying to find now in English.

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Archaeological_Museum

We finally find a cafe between MNAC and Font Magic, yum! And a missed spot, Caixa Forum / Casa Ramona by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, adding it to the wish list for next trip.

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Montjuïc.Font_Magic

We reach the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion and Font Magic, lights!

Tabblo: 2009.06.Barcelona.Montjuïc.Magic_Fountain.lights

Montjuïc is definitely a huge park, a green city inside a city, and our itinerary can be easily split in several days. I definitely want to go back for Poble Espanol, we visited it in our previous trip and my memories make it a nice destination for kids. More beautiful Montjuïc itineraries, to be checked the next trip!

Girls, culleretes!

We arrived in Barcelona late afternoon and, after checking in at our apartment in-between-2-worlds, we went straight to Las Ramblas. We already knew where we want to have dinner, and we knew it for quite a while, since our last trip to Barcelona!

I still remembered the tasty dishes in a local atmosphere where I could barely hear anything else than Spanish or Catalan. That was a long time ago, and the menu still makes your mouth water, but the mother tongue is more like Esperanto, we are definitely not the only travelers that love Can Culleretes
Canon_EOS 993Canon_EOS 992Canon_EOS 994
We had the butifarra with beans, duck with apples and a salmon mousse for which I’d go back to Barcelona right this moment.

Have I mentioned the great warm service that is so welcoming to children too? Not a wonder they’ve been around for 225 years!