MUSICAL JOURNEY: Quartet San Francisco

A QSF Journey

The QSF journey into the future of chamber music is nearing the end of its second decade, and the group’s passion for playing the musical styles that bring them joy still inspires them.
As musicians they stand on the shoulders of their 16th-century predecessors, who introduced their instruments to the western world.

Fast forward three hundred years … QSF’s eclecticism embraces the spirit of our time and continues the journey into the chamber music of the 21st century.

Program includes:

La Heroina (Jeremy Cohen)
Francini (J. Cohen)
Fiesta! (Helmut Lipsky)
Federico II (Giovanni Sollima)
Tango Carnevale (J. Cohen)
Rhapsody in Bluegrass (Gershwin-Rouse arr. J. Cohen)
How Sweet The Sound (J. Cohen)
Toroi Bandi (Mongolian Folk Song)

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