HOLIDAY ITINERARY : Thanksgiving in Napa – Festivals of Lights in Sonoma

San Jose > Downtown > Itinerary

This weekend we ended twice in downtown San Jose, on Halloween for Tech-or-Treat at The Tech and on Día de los Muertos at the SJ Museum of Art. So we once more noticed what a nice and walkable downtown San Jose has!
Two lovely museums and a delicious La Nostra Pizza for both kids and parents always add up to a perfect day. Plus free parking on weekends.

Here is our little itinerary with pics, music and a map.

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D I T I N E R A R I E S: Disneyland birthDay

The highlight of the trip was the birthday celebration in Disneyland, and it was indeed special. Everyone enjoyed the day, the weather was perfect, not very crowded, especially in the morning.

It was Halloween Time, but not quite Halloween, so several attractions were closed for beautification, calendar here. Maybe will reopen for Halloween, but we were happy the way it was. More Halloween attractions at SuiteTrip

We’ve stayed at the DoubleTree which was OK, nothing out of ordinary, we’ll probably try it again. Or not. It’s clean, quiet, convenient, standard furniture, nice staff. Parking is extra 11$ a day, the shuttle to Disneyland another extra.

But we found a Buca di Beppo quite nearby and this is a fun place to celebrate a birthday. And we learned about Roy’s in the Garden Walk, yum to know for next time. While in Disneyland, of course downtown dining, this is one attraction that still has good food too, and that’s kind of magic too.
Our all family favorite, Naples’s pizza.

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Halloween Time in Disneyland

Tabblo: 2009.10.D I T I N E R A R I E S.Disneyland.It's_a_Small_World

It’s a Small World

Tabblo: 2009.10.D I T I N E R A R I E S.Disneyland.Mary_Poppins
Mary Poppins

D I T I N E R A R I E S: Little Denmark

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Now we are ready for a real trip to Denmark 🙂


D stands for a combination of Danish and Disney itineraries, a birthday trip that we are planning to Disneyland with a Danish stop in Solvang, maybe a brick-or-treat too and other SOCAL gems.

First destination is S O L V A N G. This is the Danish Capital of US, set your GPS to Solvang, CA 93463, 1683 Copenhagen Drive. I always liked this place, and every visit to the little Hans Christian Andersen museum tucked upstairs in The Book Loft Building is enchanting. Somehow I always find something exciting here, refreshing for an almost 100 year old place. We never stayed overnight in Solvang though, and one time when later hours got us still there I remember that the town went silently to sleep. So I was looking for things to do in the late afternoon and stumbled upon an event that will make our young jewellery designer so happy: Meet John Kennedy and create a custom jewel



Next destination, LOS ANGELES WITH KIDS!
With only little time it will be tough to choose, but here is a beginning of LA ITINERARIES and a shorter wishlist for this trip:

We knew that LEGO history began in 1932 in Denmark and the name LEGO itself is a fusion of the Danish words “LEg” and “GOdt” (“play well”), but the Danes claim the inspiration for Disneyland comes from Tivoli Gardens too, so here’s another Danish destination in our itinerary 🙂

Labor Day at Bodega Bay

A long weekend, a short trip, and a big wish to come back on this itinerary, CA North Coast is SO beautiful! The highlight was the seals and pelicans show at the The Tides Wharf, absolutely amazing. And the Hog Island Kumamoto Oysters and mussels yum!

Many more points of interest:

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Cool day in Monterey, WAVE!

After a hot Saturday we decided to cool down in Monterey. Well, I’ve just heard about Dennis the Menace Playground from baby Dani Shovevani, so we couldn’t wait to give it a try. The weather was way cooler on Sunday and Monterey was hidden in a thick patch of fog at times, but the playground and all Monterey day itinerary were cool too!

Another reason to go to Monterey before Labor Day was to rent a surrey. Somehow I remembered that you can rent it only until Labor Day, but today I found that there is a WAVE trolley during the summer that offers fun and free transportation until Labor Day… So we took the trolley, rented a 4-Wheel Family Bike Surrey from Adventures by the Sea and it seems that we can do the surrey all year round including Xmas, yay!

After the trolley and surrey ride, we went to a long time favorite that’s a sure hit with a climbing kid: Lovers Point Park. It was almost dinner time and we decided to not try LaTTiTudes again, our last dinner there, even if a long time ago, was not worth the beautiful view. We took a scenic drive to Fishwife, wishing it were a sunny day to enjoy the Asilomar State Beach. Marking it on the wish list for the butterfly season!

Fishwife was an absolute delight for all family, it warmed up a cool day with delicious flavor! From the friendly and welcoming service to the yummy menu, colorful and inviting for kids too, it won us for future visits in Monterey!

On the way back to highway 1 we saw 2 deers and that topped off a fun full day!

More from our Monterey wish list:


Napa Time

Getting ready for a fall trip to Napa with a kid friendly itinerary…

BARCELONA underground … FIGUERES highlights

C I T I N E R A R I E S | BARCELONA underground – FIGUERES highlights

Back to Passeig de Gràcia railway station, right in time for an express train to Dali‘s Figueres. We even had time for a short visit to Casa Amatller‘s kitchen and a snack. Only that the underground cafe clock had the wrong time, so we didn’t understand why our express train was just leaving the station… another missed train, ouch!

After almost a underground hour wait we are on our train trip to Figueres and everything went fine from here. Well, almost, the train back just had an hour delay, so another wait for a train turned into relaxing time.

Train details apart, we were only sorry we had such little time in Figueres, since it’s a very nice and walkable town. We walked straight to Dali’s Theatre-Museum and that was a nice and playful stroll, had a yummy snack at a pastry shop, discovered the Toy Museum of Catalonia but didn’t have the time to visit so adding it to the wish list, and closed the Dali itinerary of this trip at the largest surrealistic object in the world.

More online itineraries for exploring Figueres, extending the visit at the Virtual Museum and enhancing the persistence of memory.

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