The Travel Toy

A quick detour, this past trip I had a backpack full of toys, books and other little things to entertain the kids so they won’t “entertain” other travelers in the many flights we had.

Well, if there’s anything to complain about in this trip, this is it: I barely used used a few things from that heavy backpack, the safety card in the plane was more interesting than most of the packed toys. And of course, the movies on iPod.

I recently stumbled upon this list of Top Ten iPhone Apps for Kids. I think I found THE TRAVEL TOY for the next trip!

+ National Geographic GeoBee

+ BestKidsApps

+ The iPad for Family Travel: Wi-Fi vs. 3G

+ Audubon Nature Guides

+ Top 10 NY Apps by notfortourists

+ My Little Suitcase

+ 3D Sun for the iPhone

+ National Geographic World Atlas

+ iStoryTime

+ ‘The Hidden ParkGuides Kids on an Outdoor Adventure

+ Peekaboo Barn

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